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From the moment I saw the video of owner and founder De'Andra Roberts speaking about her unique business I was hooked.  She spoke with passion about learning and documenting the stories of her maternal grandmother and other family members. I, too, wanted to leave a written history of my journey for my children and grandchildren, and "A Life to Share" was the perfect way to make this happen.  


The process was seamless; from my initial consultation with De’Andra to answering the prompt questions, the review process, through to the final version. A Life to Share exceeded my expectations and the final version of my story was bounded beautifully in hardcover books that were given as Christmas gifts to my family. The entire process and finished product are Priceless!!! I would highly recommend to everyone who wants to easily document their life's most memorable moments to reach out to “A Life to Share”.

I’ve spent my entire life listening to my dad tell stories about his life, and I’ve always wanted to share those stories with my future family someday. It was amazing to work with a Black-owned business to transform those stories into something tangible that can be passed down for generations! De’Andra is extremely professional and trustworthy. You can tell that she is truly passionate about this cause. I personally think everyone has a story to tell, and A Life to Share is a great space to share it. The process was smooth and fun. Highly recommend!

It was wonderful to take the time to remember some of the special memories and people from my youth.

Very glad I stopped at your booth.  You were very pleasant and explained your company's purpose. Your business successfully captured a treasured memory for our family. You communicated Kennedy's thoughts well and chronicled her experiences in a medium that we shared with family and friends.


I highly recommend A Life to Share and suggest more people use your service to preserve special moments.

This is the most wonderful “story “ I’ve ever read. I laughed and cried many times while reading it. A Life to Share did an excellent job taking all our responses, thoughts and emotions into creating a masterpiece.

This was better than anything I could have imagined! De'Andra is an incredible writer, storyteller and interviewer. Working with her was such a pleasure. She is of the utmost professionalism. I can't express my gratitude enough. Putting my family's story together is seriously pricess.

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