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We believe each generation should strive to do better than the one before it. Of course there are many ways to accomplish such a goal, but at 'A Life to Share', we do it through storytelling. Our gifts are rooted in empathy first and foremost, followed by the tactical skills of listening and writing. We help people share their life stories and the many joys and lessons that have shaped them throughout the years.

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I've always been intrigued by my family's history, both the known and unknown of the past, constantly wishing I had more information about my ancestors and their lives. I especially wish I knew more about my maternal grandparents who were first-generation college students during a time when that was unheard of for Black Americans. I also don't know much about my paternal grandparents aside from the knowledge that they grew up in Downtown Atlanta during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, working numerous jobs and combatting daily racism just to make ends meet. Unfortunately, all four of my grandparents passed when I was young and I never had the chance to ask them my burning questions.

I vowed not to let that happen with my own parents and other older,  living members of my family. But as I tried to get started, I quickly realized that the process of documenting someone's life story and doing it in a timely manner was stressful and expensive.

That's how "A Life to Share" was born. It was birthed out of a desire to capture the incredible stories and memories that each human being on this Earth has - in a way that's easy, impactful, and lasting.

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